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Awesome Run

Description of Awesome Run:

Run like you have never ran before in this awesome running game! Flex your leg muscles and try to win this athletics race from your rival. Pick up energy drinks and boost. Dodge all the pits in the track!

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6 comments(s)

  • Muncher (18 May, 2016 om 3:10 pm)


  • Muncher (27 May, 2016 om 5:36 pm)

    Lebron JamesĀ“ hairline goes back to the 17th century

  • Savage (3 November, 2016 om 5:31 pm)

    Umm i guess this game is good and is billy joe a gorl or a boy

  • Savage (3 November, 2016 om 5:31 pm)

    Girl sorry

  • Muncher (15 February, 2017 om 3:03 pm)

    Both, why?

  • Savage_1oo (16 February, 2017 om 5:13 pm)

    This game sets a bad example for kids by showing that energy drinks are good